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The Appliance Repair Authority is a well-established institution that deals with maytag appliance repair of home appliances such as dryers, refrigerator, washer, dishwasher, oven, washing machine, microphone, ice maker. We do this passionately and skillfully. Our services range from repair of totally dead assets to slight repairs of appliances.



Our attendants are well trained, skilled and experienced. They are expertise in all kind of assets. The Appliance Repair Authority has been known for years for having professional services. The Appliance Repair Authority take our employees through a process of training every year to make sure that they are well equipped with the trends in the world today. The Appliance Repair Authority ensures that we have a prototype of every asset so as to ensure that we are well equipped with every part of a system. Our attendants listen to the client, respect the client and are there to solve issues rather than to interrogate the client. As opposed to other firms The Appliance Repair Authority attendants normally refer the customer to better solution in case they are not in a position to sort their problems. The Appliance Repair Authoritys technician are also connected to a chain of Technicians and engineers particularly from the manufacturing company of this appliances and they are therefore able to consult satisfactorily before engaging in the maytag appliance repair.



The Appliance Repair Authority attendants are able to offer the client the service that they have promised a client in the shortest time possible. In cases where the repair may take long for instance where there is need to shop out for spare parts the client will be advised accordingly. We believe in trustworthiness and honesty. Some of the appliances are repaired there and then and the client can carry the appliance home; for appliances that require much more attention and consultation they are left so that our technicians can consult and repair accordingly.

For these and any other such services, please contact The Appliance Repair Authority on 888-609-5563.

* Authentic Spare parts

At The Appliance Repair Authority we assure you value for you money. Some Maytag appliances repair may require replacement of parts. At this instance we consult with you; the client but then our Technicians advice you on the most preferable spare to consider. We recommend authentic spares and since we are well linked with the manufacturers of these spare parts we can provide then at a relatively low price. The Appliance Repair Authority normally have warranties of three to six months. Indeed we have a quality assurance and control; department that ensures all our solutions and parts are authentic and durable.

Most of the appliance repair firms have be characterized with the vice of unfairly changing the parts of a clients appliance. At The Appliance Repair Authority we safeguard against this by ensuring that we only recruit members of staff who are trustworthy, secondly we do not hold appliance for long which would have given room for this, thirdly our quality control team does an audit on the technicians from time to time randomly to ensure that this does not happen.

Incase customers have complaints in regards to the matters alluded above we have a proper channel of addressing this issues through the customer service department. Our premises have CCTV and it is therefore easy to trace how everything happened.

Call us today and enjoy on 888-609-5563 and enjoy our amazing solutions and service on maytag appliance repair.

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